About Yachtingolf

A sports event combining the prestige of yachting with the elegance of golf.


YACHTINGOLF is a unprecedented sporting event, unique in the world that will soon take place in the port of Monaco. This sporting event is held over a four day period combining the prestige and elegance of yachting and golf.

It will take place close to the new Lucciana pier in the port of Monaco at the prestigious Fairmont Hotel.

From the rear deck of a luxury yacht of over 70 meters, specifically designed and equipped for the event, sets of two participants, golf professionals and amateurs, will measure their accuracy and boldness to reach one of the four floating greens.

As we are in the final stages of launching YACHTINGOLF, we would like to introduce you to the event and offer you a partnership opportunity. This major exclusive event generates costs and we are currently looking for partners to finalize the project. Thus we seek the support of partner companies and individuals who can provide us with financial support.

Equipment and Commodities

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