Pierre Jean Dominguez, passionate and fascinated with golf from an early age , this sport rapidly became his lifestyle. He rapidly started competitions before making it his profession.

Armed with his golf instructor diploma, Pierre Jean is in charge instruction to golf novices and amateurs who want to get back into the swing of things. Pierre Jean Dominguez has become Director of highly reputed foreign golf clubs, managing budgets and in charge of golf business development .

After over 20 years spent in foreign countries, Pierre Jean Dominguez speaks several languages, is highly adaptable, has good people skills, and has acquired a network portfolio with extensive professional contacts.

Strong natured, pragmatic, and highly convincing owing to his self-confidence , Pierre Jean Dominguez has combined and acquired valuable experience in the fields of business, sports and luxury leisure activities.

Pierre Jean Dominguez is also actively involved in environmental issues.

Pierre-Jean Dominguez
Pierre-Jean Dominguez
Steering Committee

Interview of Pierre Jean Dominguez on DubaiEye radio

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